Finance is complicated, Personal Finance shouldn't be

The reason many people are struggling managing their finances is the lack of knowledge and experience.

The reason many people pay extra in financial charges is the lack of knowledge and experience. 

Our vision is to eliminate the knowledge gap between financial institutes and private users.

Do You Share Our Values?

Working in a high pace environment requires all team members to have the "can do" attitude. Iterate, explore, communicate and consult, we want you to make it happen. 

Make It Happen

Always be honest with your colleges, customers, employees, and family. Honesty is the very foundation of every successful relationship.  

Be Honest

Strengthen your team by communicating your knowledge and progress effectively. Share your ideas, successes, and hardships to promote a learning & improvement environment.

Share and Communicate

Learn Everyday

Stay on top of your profession by never stop learning. From engineering to finance, HR to operations, there is always room to get more skills and empower yourself with more knoledge.

So, what do you want to do?

Community Manager

Part time, remote

Product Marketing 

Part/Full time, New York

Full Stack Developer 

Part time, Rehovot, Israel

Want to help in your spare time?

If you share our vision of reducing debt and want to help, but not available for a position, we'll be happy to add you to our closed supporters community. Our community members share their insights and ideas regarding personal finance and debt management, which in turn are integrated into the MoneyCompass app. 

Contact us using the form below or drop us an email to Community@MoneyCompass.io


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