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What is Money Compass?

MoneyCompass is the next generation of personal finance management. We use AI and big-data to provide users with end-to-end personal financial optimization without the hassle of handling daunting application processes and vague financial terms. We believe that a smart mix of technology and education is the winning combination in helping students, graduates and individuals to successfully manage their finances and repay their debt quickly and efficiently.

Why should I use Money Compass?

Money Compass optimizes your finances quickly and effortlessly using state of the art AI technologies. In just a few clicks, you could start saving thousands of dollars on interest payments and banking fees. It allows you to automatically lower your interest rates with alternative financing, find the optimal payment plan for your situation and stay on top of your finances so you'll never forget to make a payment. Because we work with multiple partners, we're able to provide you with the best unbiased financial solution that is tailored to your needs. And by the way, Money Compass is completely free to use!

Is Money Compass free?

We believe that everyone (and not only the rich...) should have access to highly sophisticated financial advice. This is why we've decided that using Money Compass will be completely free, no strings attached.

Is it safe to use Money Compass?

Definitely! Money Compass uses state of the art 256-bit encryption to protect all your personal information.
In order to further protect your credentials, we partner with leading PCI DSS compliant industry partners to store your sensitive information.

Who does Money Compass work with?

Money Compass partners with leading financial institutes, technology partners and leading start-ups in order to provide our unique experience.
At this stage, our list of partners is only visible to registered users. Please join the waiting list for further details on our partners.

How can I get Money Compass?

At this stage, Money Compass is only available through our waiting list. Please click here to get early access.

Do I have to be in the US to use Money Compass?

No, you don't.
However, currently our partners are based in the US, so you could enjoy the basic features, but not the most sophisticated ones that involved 3rd party integration.

How does Money Compass make money?

Money Compass invests heavily in developing algorithms that identify and recommend financial products and services that are mathematicaly more efficient to your financial situation. These algorithms are built with the sole purpose of optimizing YOUR financial health, current and future. In some cases when we improve your financial health, we also earn a sales commission or advertising fee, similar to when you are being sold any financial product or service. Please note that Money Compass is not a lender. We are not involved in the loan approval process, nor do we make credit related decisions on behalf of the financial institutes we work with.

What happens if I want to stop using Money Compass?

We're sorry to see you go, but it's completely up to you. You can simply go to your profile and click on the delete account button. Once clicked, all your personally identifiable information will be deleted from our database. Please note that this action is irreversible, and you'll lose precious data that could have saved you thousands of dollars.

How much money can I save using Money Compass?

A lot actually, and it completely depends on your situation and your actions. The more data you allow us to have, the better our AI engines can optimize your finances. Depends on your financial situation it could potentially mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. By using Money Compass, you will be able to save money, stay on top of your finances and become debt free!


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