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Next Generation of Consulting, meet Tamid @ Tufts University

Written by Daniel Zhou

TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to experiential learning through in-depth business experience. Starting as a small club at the University of Michigan in 2008, TAMID Group is now a national organization boasting 54 chapters at college campuses across the U.S., Israel, and China. TAMID offers programs for business-minded students through the lens of the Israeli economy. Traditionally, chapters feature two verticals - Fund and Consulting. In the Fund vertical, students perform equity research and manage a stock portfolio. In the Consulting vertical, student groups partner with Israeli startups to advise on real-world business issues and projects.

Our chapter, here at Tufts University, has a unique background built on, but also adding to, the principles of TAMID Group. The chapter was fairly recently founded in the fall of 2016. Our two founding presidents learned about TAMID through a friend at another school and thought it would be a valuable addition as there were few opportunities to gain investing and consulting knowledge and skills on campus. Generating interest and gathering similarly-minded students, the group underwent a beta stage, receiving advising help and resources from TAMID national. By the fall of 2017, TAMID at Tufts was recognized as an official TAMID chapter.

Although the chapter quickly took off behind the work of the two verticals, some students expressed interest in bringing technology, computer science, and data science to TAMID. The students considered both how Tufts lacked opportunities for students to learn about data science and its relevance to Israel as a global hub for high-tech. In the spring of 2018, Tufts was able to partner with Keyrus, a management consulting firm specializing in data intelligence and digital experience, to start its Data Science group, the first and only of its kind among all TAMID chapters!

Our Data Science group accepts students regardless of knowledge or background as students undergo a first semester in education, no different from students in Consulting or Fund. In education, Data Science students learn about Decision Tree Learning, Logistic Regression, Natural Language Processing, and many more topics. Afterward, students work on project ventures dedicated to applying data science models to businesses. In 2019, Tufts’ Data Science TAMID vertical has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations and startups such as Vistaprint Wayfair.

Our consulting teams are currently working with Money Compass to help grow its presence on college campuses around the Greater Boston Area. By working with TAMID Group, Money Compass has further proven dedication to helping students by providing hands-on, real-world business experience with a startup.

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