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Staying Trendy on a College Budget

Gust Post by Helen Cohen

Keeping up with trends while being on a budget is a challenge that is underestimated by many. Thankfully, sweatpants and a t-shirt are universally accepted as the classic college student attire. Though for us business students, we face a problem as our field of study requires us to go beyond this comfy dress. Not only do our classes require formal wear, but so do the interviews and internships that we will acquire at multiple points during our college career. Having a variety of outfits for these many instances where students need to dress presentably proves to be costly over the years. Though this may seem hopeless on a college budget, it does not need to be, due to the variety of websites that have begun to cater to this exact situation.

#1 Boohoo

Boohoo has a wide variety of different clothes on their website, https://us.boohoo.com/. Their constant sales on already low priced clothing make for extremely inexpensive options. Not only do they carry business casual tops and pants, but they also carry pieces for other occasions. They consistently add new items to keep up with fashion trends. The quality of the clothing is also adequate and lasts through multiple washes. To find the best business casual tops on Boohoo, browse through the blouses section. There is a plethora of button-up shirts and other flattering professional clothing pieces. The coats and jackets section is also the place to look as there are many blazers and trench coats for sale. For pants, browse the trousers section to find cute pieces in many different styles.

#2 Amazon

With Amazon fashion, all of your business casual and business professional needs will be met. Any style you are looking for can undoubtedly be found on https://www.amazon.com/. Amazon is especially useful for men, as men’s business clothing can be particularly pricey. They carry a huge variety of items, from business professional dresses to ties to classic black slacks. Their prices also tend to be very affordable for all pieces.

#3 Shein

Shein is a great outlet for inexpensive clothing options. Similar to Boohoo and Amazon, they do not offer exclusively business clothes, though they do have great options. In the “Elegant Blouses” section, you can find anything from traditional button-downs to more trendy, office-appropriate pieces. These can be paired with the pants in the “Pants” section which carry some of the best finds on bargain websites. The quality of Shein is decent and definitely holds up over time. Their looks mirror brands such as Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, just without the price tag. Shein’s prices are unmatched.

#4 Forever 21

Forever 21 is a go-to website for affordable fashion. Forever 21 has several pages of clothing to browse through. There is not a specific page for professional clothing, but if you search “blouses” on the website, some beautiful pieces will be brought up. Forever 21 definitely has a lot of diversity in their patterns and styles in their clothes. Their array of colors is also extensive, filled with warm and cool tones perfect for any season. The special thing about Forever 21 is their range of accessories. Accessories are very important as they can turn a casual outfit into something you can wear in a professional situation. There are hundreds of inexpensive pieces to choose from that make a perfect addition to any basic, simple outfit.

#5 Express

Last but not least is Express. Express lands on the more expensive side of affordable fashion but has a lot of value in their clothing. In terms of price to quality, Express has some of the best deals around. Their clothing is extremely unique and great for situations in professional situations, such as presentations and interviews. The quality of the pieces is very high and they will last for years. The pieces are also timeless and will never go out of style due to their elegance. Express is consistent with trends, always updating their inventory to keep up with the most coveted styles. Their website is flooded with many options, as Express specializes in business fashion. The clothing is fairly inexpensive, though higher than other discussed options for college students. To offset this, coupon codes are readily available to apply to your order. These can be found on coupon websites and YouTube videos.


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